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We groom lambs into lions.

At Pacesetters Leadership Club, we groom people who are as timid as a lamb to become excellent leaders & persuasive speakers with the courage of a lion.

Core Values “ARISE”






We Help You Get Better!

By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, terrific communicators & exceptional leaders emerge.

We are Raising 10,000 leaders in the next 10 Years.

Get ready for inspiring trainings by multiple award-winning leaders, with the opportunity to network with superminds, share your story and become the next success story.


Average membership increase per year


Average success story per year


To empower 10,000 Africans to become influential leaders & persuasive communicators by

the year 2027.


To provide a friendly and inspiring learning environment where every member has the

opportunity to hone her communication and leadership skills to become personally

productive and globally relevant.


The following are the roles you will be called upon to fulfil and tips for doing a good job. Roles and responsibilities may vary slightly from meeting to meeting, so check with the Vice President (Education) when you are assigned a role.

1. Pacesetter

2. Evaluator

3. Topicsmaster

4. Table topics speaker

5. Grammarian

6. Timer

7. Meeting Speaker

Our Meetings

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The Pacesetter

The meeting’s director and host. A member typically will not be assigned this role until they are thoroughly familiar with the club and its procedures.


The Grammarian plays an important role in helping all club members improve their grammar and vocabulary.


We call feedback evaluation, and it is the heart of the Pacesetters educational program. The Evaluator observes the speeches and leadership roles of fellow club members and offers evaluations of their efforts.


One of the skills Pacesetters practice is expressing a thought within a specific time. A Timer is responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker.

Topics master

The Topics master delivers the Table Topics portion of the meeting, which helps train members to quickly organize and express their thoughts in a jiffy.

Meeting Speaker

Every speaker is a role model and club members learn from one another’s speeches. As a Meeting Speaker, you prepare, rehearse and present a speech during the club meeting.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”

John C Maxwell

Great nations rise on the shoulders of great leaders and awful nations fall due to awful leadership. The world needs inspiring leaders because leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses, mentor others and change the world. However, in order for these leaders to succeed, they must communicate. Enter, Pacesetters Leadership Club.

Why become a pacesetter?

Understanding & Relevance

A better understanding of human Psychology and preparation for local impact and global relevance.


Improve your communication abilities in an atmosphere of fellowship and fun with other Pacesetters.

Personal Development

Unlimited opportunities for personal and occupational advancement based on improved abilities and expanded experience.

Professional Development

Professionally prepared educational materials and resources on speaking, listening, discussion & more.


Leadership development through training and club involvement.


Increased confidence, ability to organize your ideas and deliver powerful, persuasive speeches on short notice.


What People Are Saying

“Pacesetters is where it happens. Leaders are made here. I’m an excited PLC member, i look forward to every meeting.”

Gbenga Ogunbowale

CEO, Epower

“Pacesetters helped me discover my purpose. I am now a better leader and communicator”

Blessing Isaac

Member, Pacesetters Leadership Club

“I love pacesetters, its where i have grown to become a paid speaker of repute. Every meeting attended is always a refreshing experience.”

Ridwan Rasheed

Trainer, Facebook

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